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Jody Colvard -- Founder: Be A Show Host.Com, The Women in Podcasting Directory, The Men in Podcasting Directory and the FMG Network


Jody Colvard is the founder of the FMG Network, an inspirational and motivational TV/Radio network, which empowers writers, speakers and experts with a global online platform to share their voices and messages through audio and video. The FMG Network is coupled with Jody's and Declan Dunn's Dunn Direct Media Marketing System which has helped many small businesses as well as larger companies, such as One World Live, JingleGram, Intel, Priceline, the Sole of Africa, Office Max, Ask Maryon Stewart, PBS, ABC, Get Out of the, Travelocity and Toshiba share their message with the world.


Jody's latest project is the Be a Show Host Program. where she shares her vast experience with radio, video, image consulting, talent manager and public speaking to help people's dreams of stardom come true using all the amazing technology available to us today. Jody's other projects are the FMG University, the FMG Magazine, as well as FMG Podcasting, directories housing the voices of individuals from all over the world. Jody's goal is to globally empower the voices of people with a cause and a message with the knowledge and tools that will allow them passion in their business, freedom in their finances and the ability to give to themselves and others, hence the motto for FMG Network: "Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good."

As a speaker, Jody is known for her engaging, articulate style and warm sense of humor. An entrepreneur from a young age, Jody created a catalog displaying various paintings for window murals. From this, she was able to contract assignments from local businesses. Her first check was for over $200.00 before she was 10 years old. Throughout her career, Jody has held the position as founder and corporate officer in a variety of companies - all relating to marketing strategies, event management and public relations.

An ardent supporter of various causes, from Make a Wish Foundation, where she was instrumental in making a young boy's wish come true, in conjunction with Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment and Robin Williams, raising money to feed the homeless through a project called “Pennies From Heaven”, donating thousands of dollars to the American Cancer Association to raising thousands of dollars for the Scleroderma Society at Hugh Hefner's Mansion, Jody has volunteered her time and resources to help make a difference in the world.

Professional History

Founder, FMG Network (FMG Radio & FMG TV)

  • Founder, Be a Show Host & The Women & Men in Podcasting Directory
  • CMO/Co-Owner, Dunn Direct Media
  • Founder and CEO, Legendary Figures (Celebrity Art)
  • Owner, Wellness Within/ Wellness Center (Reiki, Shiatsu, Lomilomi, Acupressure)
  • Owner, Satori Galleries and one of the 1st online art galleries in the 90's
  • Project Director, ADNet International
  • General Manager, Acting & Modeling Agency
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Executive, On Air Radio

Summary of Capabilities

  • Combines understanding of the Internet market with the proven tools to generate results quickly and easily.

  • Able to put complex marketing terms into plain, simple English so they can be applied by people of many skill levels.

  • Complete knowledge of Blogs and Podcasting with the ability to integrate both into any online marketing strategy.

  • Quickly defines and delivers project plans for Internet businesses, matching them up with the best, trusted resources.

  • Initiated and developed event marketing to raise funds for charities, combining the efforts of celebrities with the needs of the lesser advantaged to generate results.
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